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Constantly Updating

At Soundbox Store we are constantly working with our designers for new, innovative, and sustainable items to manufacture for our clients. Many of our standard products are also being upgraded with new functions and small tweaks to enhance quality, build and finish.

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Quell - Coworker - 4 Person Meeting Booth
Quell - Coworker - 4 Person Meeting Booth

NEW - Coworker Range

The NEW Coworker Range by Soundbox Store for high footfall environments with upgraded door opener, acoustic dampening, aluminium front framed fascia with optional introduction of industry standard programmable locking handle and laminated upgraded glass.


Not only do you receive reseller price, media pack and parts backup and assembly guidance one to one, we also offer you leads for your exclusive area due to our extensive on going marketing campaign.

Once you have sent a tender to your client, let us know asap. We will register it. If we receive a quote request from the same client we will revert them back to you! We give full support resellers 100% based on the above.

Absolutely. The Quell Midi Booth is designed to seamlessly integrate into various office aesthetics. Its versatile design allows it to complement your chosen style, whether that's a minimalist, contemporary, or classic look. This booth enhances the overall appeal of your workspace while providing the functional benefits you seek. Explore the range of options to find the perfect fit for your office environment.