Tulip Stool

The Tulip Stool is a well-designed furniture that is both aesthetically pleasing and versatile. The integrated armrest provides comfortable support when sitting, standing or leaning. Adjustable . . .

Joy Stool

A great addition to any Soundbox Silence Booths. Upholstered with knitting net fabric for comfort and supported by a durable polypropylene seat shell with gas lift cylinder. The base is made wit. . .

Billy Office Chair

The Billy Office Chair combines a continuous piece cast aluminium chrome-plated base and high-end mesh tautly stretched around the frame, letting the occupant's body breathe whilst offering maxi. . .

Bugsy Lounge Chair

Beautifully curved and designed to fit around the body so the body flows with the chair and not against it. The seat is made from high-density moulded foam upholstered with water deterrent, stai. . .

Smart Lock

Designed by Soundbox Store for Soundbox Phone Pods / Meeting Booths. Includes 2 * key fobs/cards alternatively unlockable via a downloadable app. Excellent quality and build, adding extra functi. . .

Privacy Film

Designed specifically for Soundbox Store Pods. Privacy film for our pods is an optional extra, adding the ability for privacy for possible more intimate meetings or works involving finance, for . . .

Furniture for Solo Phone Booths

The furniture for the Solo Pod is aesthetically pleasing, organic in shape and comfortable.

Furniture for 1-2 Person Phone Booths

Manufactured explicitly for Soundbox Stores - 1 - 2 Person Medium Pod, this furniture collection offers several different office environments from meetings, phone calls and Zoom calls to an ad. . .

Quell - Furniture of Meeting Pod - 4 Person

Designed for focus-driven working environments, our 3 to 4-person meeting pods have a highly effective new upgraded industry-leading airflow dual silent ventilation system with minimum internal/. . .

Quell Furniture of Meeting Booth - 6 Person

Our 4-6 persons Meeting pods have a highly effective newly upgraded industry-leading airflow dual silent ventilation system with minimum internal/external acoustic influence. Inspire and allow o. . .
Step inside a booth Step inside a booth

Step inside a booth

We'd love for you to see a Soundbox. Visit our factory showroom or schedule a virtual visit to see the booths for yourself.

Build back a better workplace


At a fraction of the cost of traditional construction, our pre-fab solutions create additional space for focused work and collaboration without constant noise, debris and distraction.

Time Saving

Thoughtful design ensures simple installation in a few hours or less. And, because our products are safety ensured, you'll never have to spend time or money chasing after permits, contractors, and more.


Unlike traditional construction, our purpose-built products were designed to adapt with your workspace and can easily be positioned in various places throughout your office, or to an entirely new location.

Plug & Play Installation

Our revolutionary product design allows you to move the panels anywhere you wish. Carefree!

No Renovation Needed

The breakthrough in product design & process means you pay less for the same results.

Hearing Protection

The breakthrough in product design & process means you pay less for the same results.