Office Pod, 1 - 2 Person

Soundproof Zoom Room

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Office Pod, 1 - 2 Person

Soundproof Zoom Room

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Multi Function Zoom Room

Looking for a versatile and practical solution for private conversations and focused work? Look no further than the multi-task phone booth by Soundbox Store.

Our multi-task phone booth is designed to allow two occupants to choose from a variety of different furniture options depending on the task at hand. Whether you need to conduct dual person Zoom room conference calls, one-to-one training, have more personal HR discussions, or require a private workspace for focused work, our multi-task phone booth is the perfect solution.

Manufactured to the highest standard from aviation-grade aluminium and thick glass door and back panels, our multi-task phone booth is built to last. With Bluetooth connectivity and a singular upgraded turbo fan ventilation system, our booth is optimised for comfort and productivity.

Our multi-task phone booth is available in various options, allowing for different uses from one-to-one training to more personal, casual brief HR discussions. The booth can also be used as a work station, providing a private and focused workspace for longer periods of time.

At Soundbox Store, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with top-quality products and exceptional customer service. Our multi-task phone booth is no exception. We believe that our customers deserve the very best, which is why we only use the highest quality materials and technology in our products.

Investing in a multi-task phone booth by Soundbox Store is investing in the productivity and privacy of your workplace. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how they can benefit your business.

Internal Size:
Height: 214cm Width: 134cm Depth: 120cm
External Size:

Height: 230cm Width: 150cm Depth: 123.6cm
Total: 425kg (Net Pod)
Total: 459kg (Pod+Furn. Set 1)
Total: 464kg (Pod+Furn. Set 2)
Total: 456kg (Pod+Furn.Set 3)

Highly efficient air flow at 160 m³/h refreshing air every two minutes guaranteeing excellent oxygen rates. With low noise air system via multi channel air ducts allowing minimum noise distrubance inside and out.

Leading The Sound Pod Industry
STC 30dB (±5dB) &
RT0.25s (±0.1s)
Daiki Verified
ISO 23351-1

External Shell
Aviation Type Alloy
Nanometer PP Finish
Internal Panels
Carbon Composite
≤0.071kg CO2e
Similar To High Speed Trains
Damping Feet
Vibration control

Close door
Open door

*4000k  (150Lx) Daylight LED
*Multiple Power Outlets, 220- 24V + USB, USB-C
*Energy Saving Motion Sensor
*Blue Tooth Audi System
*Aux Lossless Port

Optional furniture options are available for our 1-2 person multi-function booth.
1. Dual adjustable stools and work shelf, great for zoom calls or phone calls.
2. 2 * Person Meeting Room with comfortable corner stools and table.
3. Solo work booth with modern classic office chair and stable work desk.

Emergency Safety Hammer
Included For Internal Fitting
Fire Rated Foam
UK Fire foam where required. 
Sprinkler / Mains Fire Alarm
Laser cut and usable if required 
Formaldehyde Free
No wood or glue

Recycled materials approx
≥180kg (12m²/0.66m³) each

Carbon Footprint
≤0.071kg CO2e
Energy Consumption

Furniture Combinations

Various combinations of furniture are offered for medium-sized pods, creating different office solutions from a dual phone booth or zoom room, a singular-person working station with an adjustable chair and desk or a space-saving one-to-one meeting pod.

New - Turbo Fan System

Introducing the new Turbo Fan, sleeker in design with more airflow, creating ample comfort and a refreshing environment.

Power + Bluetooth

UL & CE Certificated
Bluetooth Control System with speaker, connect devices for calls, zoom calls or music.
Switch for LED lighting and ventilation power.
Motion Sensor - Only use power when in use.
1 * 220-240 Power Socket UK/ EU
2 * USB DC 5V, 2.1A.
1 * USB-C DC 5V, 2.1A.
1 * AUX Input Lossless

Ground Breaking Tech

Sound Box is a fully engaged company focusing on the highest technological advancements, creating highly efficient, creative, focused work environments and continually striving for excellence in technology and acoustic engineering.

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Acoustic control in working environments

Acoustics-controlled environments develop motivation, well-being, mindfulness, productivity, and focus.

Sykes, David M., PhD., 2004, “Productivity: How Acoustics Affect Workers’ Performance in Open Areas”


Increase work motivation by more than 62%.


Increase the ability to focus on tasks by more than 44%.


In tasks that require full concentration, increase task performance by up to 52%.


Reduce the pressure level by 29%.


Reduce session interference by more than 55%.


Reduce the error rate by 18%.

The world's leading brands choose Soundbox.

Movable Silence Booth

A private, productive, and comfortable
place creates creativity. Various sizes are
suitable for many environments, from
office, hospitality, and medical to music.


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