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Find Your Ideal Soundproof Office Phone Booth / Pods, Acoustically Controlled Meeting Rooms for Focused Work Environments. ISO 23351-1 Certified.

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Soundbox Store brings you cutting-edge acoustic technology in portable Phone Booths, Meeting Rooms, and Zoom Rooms. Elevate your work environment with our functional, inspirational, creative, and productive solutions.

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Movable Acoustic Phone Booths

A sustainable, acoustic phone booth that provides privacy, comfort and promotes creativity. Various sizes available to suit many environments from office, hospitality, medical to music.

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Corporates We Work With

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Herbal House


Herbal House were looking for a quiet meeting space in their very sleek atrium area, after a brief site survey the Quell 4 Person Charcol with full furniture set was chosen. A great choice, what a lovely space!

Alibaba Hangzhou Office

Hangzhou, China

Continuing to expand their Hangzhou office, Alibaba needed several office phone pods and meeting booths for various tasks, including departmental meetings for training where focus was required. The overall requirement was ten pods for the existing floor; the job entailed working with the building service manager and security, and every detail was considered.

Zipline Drone Production Office Area

South San Francisco, California

Zipline needed two meeting pods and a solo pod to help employees focus, gather peace of mind and be proactive in the task. These are especially useful during calls with clients to ensure they are doing their job correctly or during meetings requiring employee input or collaboration.

Boeing Singaper Office


Boeing Singapore Office introduced a Meeting Pod from Soundbox as an ultimate collaboration space for meetings, events, and training. Meetings are more productive, engaging, and memorable when you can focus on the right things without being distracted by outside noise.

ByteDance all branches

ByteDance Ltd has availed the meeting pods for their meeting for the most productive, comfortable, and seamless collaboration experience when they need to meet with teams or individuals across time zones, countries, or even continents.

Starbucks Office

Shanghai, china

Need to get some work done? Need some quiet time for
one-on-one meetings? This is why Starbucks installed Meeting Pods to help anyone make the most of any meeting or event with a full range of modern designer furniture, flexible spaces, and innovative tech to keep the team productive.

Huawei Tech all branches


Huawei needed Meeting Pods, which are ideal for meetings, presentations, and brainstorming. These Meeting Pods are designed to make it easy for teams to get together and create better rapport, communication, and collaboration in a casual meeting environment.

LG Corporation

Seoul, South Korea

The commercial sales department for LG requested partitioned office space for focus as the office environment was getting too chaotic, with noisy sales executives on the phones. After calculating the partitioning cost and assessing the two options' ceiling height and residual value, the management team decided to invest in our medium, zoom room/focus pods, allowing focused sales calls and a focused training environment.

Volve Cars Belgium

Ghent, Belgium

The requirement for engineers to be on the factory floor, yet needing a workplace for focus, was proving difficult for Volvo - Gent. In addition, the need for flexibility as the production line expands and diversifies was also a requirement. The installation of our sizeable Creative Pod 3-4 person was a great success; an optional movability pack was purchased, meaning they can move the booth within 5 minutes anywhere around the production floor.

Tencent Holdings all branches


Needing meeting rooms for 1 to 1 staff and HR management team. Tencent's new breakout area project started with 3 * medium size pods with 2 * corners sofa and table option. Allowing staff and the human resource department to have open, relaxed meetings.

Premium Acoustic Soundproof Office Pods, Meeting Rooms and Phone Booths

Soundbox offers advanced acoustic soundproof office pods, meeting rooms, Zoom rooms, and phone booths. Designed with sustainability, safety, and impeccable design in mind, they level up your business and offer premium service to your clients.

Our frames showcase a blend of engineering and aesthetics, recognizable for high-end features and distinguishable qualities unlike any bulky alternatives in the market.

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Our philosophy

Partnering with professionals from different industry sectors to deliver consistent, reliable, and competitive acoustic control, insulation, and damping solutions. We are in the business of inspiring and opening up a new era of infinite possibilities within the industry.

Our mission

As Europe's acoustic solution leader, we're dedicated to providing comfortable, sustainable soundproof pod and booth environments that foster productivity.

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10 years in the making

With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Europe, we've spent 10 years perfecting our sound booth solutions. From mature markets to emerging ones, our innovative Zoom rooms and phone booths enhance productivity and acoustic control.

Environmental Responsibility

Pioneers in using recycled carbon plastic, Soundbox Store champions a low-carbon footprint approach. Each Soundbox booth boasts a:

  • Carbon footprint of ≤0.071kg Co2e
  • Energy consumption average of ≤0.4MJ
  • Air acidification level of ≤0.0001kg SO2e 
  • Water eutrophication of ≤0.00002PO4

Revive Creative and Productive Workspaces!

Affordable Sound Solutions

At a fraction of the cost of traditional construction, our pre-fab solutions create additional space for focused work and collaboration without constant noise, interruption, and distraction.

Plug & Play Installation

Our revolutionary product design allows you to move the panels anywhere you wish. Carefree!

Adaptable Design

Unlike traditional constructions, our purpose-built Pods were designed to adapt to your workspace and can easily be positioned in various places throughout your office, or in an entirely new location.

No Renovation Needed

The breakthrough in product design & process means you pay less for the same results.

Hearing Protection

We specialise in architectural acoustic environments, construction, and industrial noise control. Acoustic environmental safety technology and solutions.

Time Saving

Streamlined design for quick installation. Let our professionals assist you, or use our clear instructions and videos.