Embracing Sustainability

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing From Soundbox Store. As a pioneer in crafting soundproof phone booths,office pods, and meeting rooms for businesses, we take pride in our unwavering commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing practices. Join us as we embark on a journey toward a greener future, one sustainable product at a time.

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Sustainable Materials

Our products are a testament to our eco-conscious approach. Every aspect of our manufacturing process is designed with sustainability in mind:

Aluminium Frame and Corner Panels

Our products feature an aluminium frame and corner panels that are 100% recyclable, making them ideal for creating durable structures without contributing to waste.

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Recyclable Glass

The glass we use is 100% recyclable, ensuring that even transparent elements in our products are aligned with our eco-friendly ethos.

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Recycled Plastic Polymer

Our plastic polymer components are manufactured from recycled plastics and are 100% recyclable, reducing the need for virgin materials and minimizing our carbon footprint.

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Eco-Conscious Packaging

We believe in responsible packaging solutions. Our cardboard packaging is recyclable, and our plastic packaging is also recyclable, achieving a remarkable 95% recyclability rate.

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PET Board from Recycled Plastic Bottles

We proudly utilise PET boards made from recycled plastic bottles, transforming waste into a valuable resource while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

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Recyclable Electrical Elements

Our products incorporate electrical elements that are designed for optimal efficiency and are 90% recyclable, ensuring that even the technology we use aligns with our sustainability goals.

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Nominal Materials

Even the smaller components matter. Seals, foams, and other nominal materials are crafted to be 60% recyclable, reflecting our commitment to reducing waste across the board.

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Certifications and Partnerships

Soundbox holds esteemed certifications that underscore our dedication to sustainability. These certifications highlight our dedication to environmentally responsible practices and emphasise our commitment to maintaining the highest levels of eco-friendliness in all our products.

Your Green Future Begins with Soundbox Store

Soundbox isn't just the best acoustic booth supplier; we're champions of sustainability. Our products reflect our deep-seated commitment to creating eco-friendly office solutions without compromising on quality or innovation. Together, let's create a workplace that embodies both functionality and environmental responsibility. Experience the difference with Soundbox today, and be a part of the movement toward a greener tomorrow.

Office Meeting Pod FAQs

Yes, our products feature electrical elements that are designed with sustainability in mind. These elements are engineered to be energy-efficient and are composed of materials that are up to 90% recyclable, reducing the overall environmental impact.

We are committed to minimising waste at every stage. Our packaging materials, including cardboard and plastic, are chosen for their recyclability. Our cardboard packaging is fully recyclable, and our plastic packaging boasts a remarkable 95% recyclability rate, helping to reduce waste in the packaging process.

When our products reach the end of their useful life, they can be disassembled, and their recyclable components can be separated and sent for recycling. This ensures that even after years of use, our products continue to contribute positively to the environment.

Absolutely. We offer customisation options that allow you to tailor our products to your needs without compromising our sustainability principles. Our aim is to create bespoke solutions that align with both functionality and environmental responsibility.