How It Started

Sound Box Store was born out of years of frustration in the commercial workplace seeking last-minute meeting rooms, searching for an office to take confidential calls/works, or simply looking for a quiet zone to focus on that critical presentation.

Therefore, a group of business consultants, architects and industrial designers collaborated with one of the world's leading acoustics manufacturers to create stylish, architecturally designed spaces for the modern office that was versatile, ergonomic, and soundproof.

The office booths our team worked so hard on needed to be: highly functional, high performing, attractively priced, environmentally friendly .

We are excited to offer these booths to you today.

10 Years In Acoustic Technology

In association with leading acousticians, architects, and interior designers worldwide, our products epitomise the most aesthetically creative and contemporary interpretations by design. Manufactured to comply with strict international quality standards, our products can be found in many blue chip and internationally renowned companies from the Far East to Europe and the United States of America

We've Created Perfection

You have a need we recognized ourselves and made a product exactly as it should be. Exceptionally well-ventilated, modern yet ergonomic acoustic phone booths, zoom rooms and meeting pods come from our passion for perfection and modern solutions. We've taken our decade-long experience in acoustic control and came together with German-trained designers to create the most capable and complete system on the market.

In Technology We Trust

By combining highly skilled professionals and technological innovations, we’ve streamlined the production and quality assurance processes, resulting in a faster, more precise service. In addition, our engineers follow stringent quality assurance standards from the instant production begins to the moment your order leaves our factory.

Only Quality Materials Chosen

By sourcing only the best materials from companies we have worked with for many years, we can keep prices competitive and maintain immaculate quality control. In addition, our strict policies on outsourcing are one of the key reasons we’re able to offer a 5-year warranty on every product.

Shipped to Your Door

Our factory-to-business model allows for substantial savings in your purchase. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.Once production is complete, we scrutinise your piece(s) before initiating shipment. We know you’ll fall in love with your new acoustic Sound Booth the moment it arrives at your offices.