Quell - Office Pod - 2 PersonQuell - Office Pod - 2 Person

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One Booth, Multiple Furniture Options.

Welcome to the future of office design, where the Quell Midi Booth 1-2 Person takes centre stage. Whether you're seeking a quiet work sanctuary, a productive meeting space, or an intimate sales training environment, this versatile booth redefines the way you collaborate and focus. This innovative solution offers multiple possibilities.

Focus Room: Your Personal Productivity Oasis Focus Room: Your Personal Productivity Oasis

Focus Room: Your Personal Productivity Oasis

The Quell Midi Booth 1-2 Person is your personal productivity oasis, carefully designed to enhance focus and efficiency. With the option to choose from multiple furniture configurations, you can tailor your booth to your exact needs.

Electrical Desk Workstation: Electrify Your Workspace Electrical Desk Workstation: Electrify Your Workspace

Electrical Desk Workstation: Electrify Your Workspace

Experience a new level of flexibility with the electrical desk workstation option. This dynamic workstation, coupled with a variety of seating solutions, ensures that your comfort and well-being are prioritised as you work.

Quell - Office Pod - 2 Person - With Furniture Quell - Office Pod - 2 Person - With Furniture

Quell - Office Pod - 2 Person - With Furniture

Occasional meeting room, HR catch up booth, the corner sofa and diagonal table option offers utility and function to any busy working environment.

Quell - Office Pod - 2 Person - No Furniture Quell - Office Pod - 2 Person - No Furniture

Quell - Office Pod - 2 Person - No Furniture

No matter your office aesthetics, our Quell Flex Stand Up will blend in effortlessly, enhancing the overall appeal of your workspace. Quick privacy call - No Problem!

Flexibility and Focus

Quell 1-2 Person Booth offers various furniture options for various use case scenarios; speak to us today to discuss requirements.

Unveiling the Quell Midi Acoustic 1-2 Person Office Booth

Discover innovation in acoustic design with the Quell Midi acoustic 1-2 person booth. At Soundbox, we take pride in offering ISO-accredited acoustic multi-purpose solutions that redefine the modern workspace. These intelligently designed sound booths offer a soundproof and private space for confidential calls, meetings, and focused work. With exceptional acoustics, integrated ventilation, and customisable options, our acoustic multi-purpose sound booths embody modern office design, ensuring a tranquil atmosphere amidst the busy workplace.

Design that Speaks

The Quell Midi Booth doesn't just enhance your workspace; it becomes a design statement. With the corner sofa and diagonal table option, this booth seamlessly integrates utility and function into any bustling work environment. Whether you need an occasional meeting room or an HR catch-up booth, the design elements speak to your professional needs.

Tailored Aesthetics

Your office aesthetics matter, and the Quell Midi Booth effortlessly blends in with your chosen design language. No matter your preferred style, this booth harmonises with your workspace, enhancing its overall appeal. Need a quick moment of privacy for a call? The Quell Flex Stand Up offers the perfect solution without disrupting your office's visual harmony.

Flexibility Meets Focus

Adaptability is key in a dynamic work environment, and our office booths embrace this philosophy. Offering various furniture options for a range of use case scenarios, this booth caters to your unique requirements. Whether it's a solo brainstorming session or a two-person conference call, our booth adapts to fuel your creativity and collaboration.

Quality and Expertise at Your Service

At Soundbox, quality is at the core of everything we offer. Our acoustic multi-purpose sound booths are manufactured to meet the highest acoustic performance and durability standards. With us, you're not just investing in a product; you're investing in a lasting enhancement to your workspace.

Navigating our range is made easy with our knowledgeable Soundbox team. We're here to guide you through selecting the perfect product that aligns with your unique requirements. Whether you're seeking an exceptional audio experience or an environment optimised for productivity, our expertise ensures your decisions are well-informed.


The Quell Midi 1-2 Person office booth offers unparalleled flexibility and adaptability to suit your unique needs. Whether you require a private workstation, a focused meeting room, or a space for sales training, this booth transforms to meet your demands. With multiple furniture options, electrical desk capabilities, and an elegant design, it elevates both productivity and aesthetics in your workspace.

Choosing the optimal furniture configuration depends on your specific requirements. If you value ergonomics and distraction-free work, the designer office chair and static ergonomically designed work desk might be ideal. Alternatively, if you seek a dynamic workspace with adjustable heights, the electrical desk option with memory settings could better suit your needs. Our experts are available to guide you in selecting the configuration that aligns with your workflow.

Absolutely. The Quell Midi Booth is designed to seamlessly integrate into various office aesthetics. Its versatile design allows it to complement your chosen style, whether that's a minimalist, contemporary, or classic look. This booth enhances the overall appeal of your workspace while providing the functional benefits you seek. Explore the range of options to find the perfect fit for your office environment.

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