Anti-Bribery Policy

Soundbox Store is dedicated to conducting its business with fairness, honesty, and transparency, maintaining a steadfast stance against any form of bribery or corruption.

We categorically prohibit the offering or acceptance of bribes on behalf of Soundbox Store. This policy applies to all business transactions and dealings across the countries where the company and its affiliates operate.

All directors and employees are mandated to adhere to this policy, and we refrain from engaging with organizations that do not share our commitment to conducting business free from bribery.

Bribes may manifest in various forms, including gifts (monetary, goods, or services), hospitality (meals, entertainment, event tickets, travel expenses), political or charitable donations, sponsorships, or favours.

Gifts & Entertainment

In order to prevent the potential disguising of bribes as gifts or entertainment, we have established clear guidelines to distinguish what is considered genuine and acceptable, and what is not:We may accept gifts of nominal value (less than £200). Items of substantial value will not be accepted.

  • Valuable items received as gifts will be either returned or disposed of as per management's discretion.
  • While occasional gifts may be accepted, we will not accept gifts that are offered regularly or frequently.
  • Gifts provided by us must be of reasonable value, in compliance with local laws, and approved by management.
  • We may engage in and accept reasonable hosted entertainment that aligns with the legitimate interests of the business.
  • We will refrain from providing or accepting extravagant or frequent entertainment that is not hosted.

The company acknowledges that gifts and hospitality can be integral to relationship-building. However, the offering or acceptance of gifts that could influence or be perceived to influence business transactions, or those that lack reasonableness and good faith, is strictly prohibited.

Facilitation Payments

Facilitation payments, which involve small sums demanded to expedite services to which the payer is already entitled (such as visa processing), or inducements offered or demanded by officials to hasten the issuance of services and permits, are illegal in both cases. They must not be offered or paid.

Soundbox Store's policy dictates that our agents, intermediaries, contractors, and suppliers are not to make facilitation payments on our behalf.

Donations and Sponsorship

Charitable donations (limited to registered charities) may be authorized by the Human Resources Director (for amounts under £10,000) or the Board. No donations are made to charities affiliated with business partners during any active bid/contract process.

Political contributions require full Board consent and can only be made to registered political parties; donations to individuals are not permitted.

Sponsorship payments are allocated for business promotion and are distinct from charitable donations. All sponsorship agreements must be meticulously documented, with terms mutually agreed upon in writing, specifying the amount to be paid and the promotional benefits in return.


Employees are prohibited from soliciting, arranging, or accepting bribes for personal gain or on behalf of their family, friends, associates, or acquaintances.

Likewise, employees must not offer, promise, or give a bribe in connection with their work for the company.

In cases of uncertainty regarding the acceptance of a gift or hospitality, employees should seek guidance from their manager.

If an employee is offered a bribe or suspects that others may have offered or accepted one, they should first report it to their line manager, if feasible.

If this is not feasible or appropriate (e.g., if the line manager is suspected of involvement), the matter should be reported to another manager or director.

Alternatively, employees can raise concerns through the Company’s Whistleblowing Procedure.

Employees will not face repercussions for refusing to pay or accept a bribe, even if it leads to the loss of contracts or other impacts on the business.