Meeting Booth Quell - 6 Person

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Meeting Booth Quell - 6 Person

Our meeting booth is a 4 to 6-person spacious conference pod with top-of-the-line acoustic properties. Equipped with a dual silent ventilation system, this acoustic meeting booth offers industry-leading airflow to ensure a comfortable and distraction-free environment. The booth is designed to inspire your team and help them focus on the task at hand, with minimal internal and external acoustic influence.

Inside, the environment is well-aired, cool, comfortable, and spacious, making it the perfect place for conference calls, private meetings, or group Zoom calls. The furniture options include quality sofas and tables, and you can opt for a monitor stand (Monitor not included).

The meeting booth itself is fabricated from aviation-style alloy and full toughened glass, ensuring durability and strength. To further enhance the acoustic properties, the internal walls are lined with PET sound acoustic panels.The booth comfortably seats four people for conference calls, private meetings or group zoom calls. The furniture options are quality sofas and tables, with an optional monitor stand (Monitor not included). Our meeting booths are fabricated from aviation-style alloy, full toughened glass, and internal PET sound acoustic panels.

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