Tulip Stool

Tulip Stool

BIFMA Certificated

UL Greenguard

Multi Task

Light / Agile

Tulip Stool

The Tulip Stool is a well-designed furniture that is both aesthetically pleasing and versatile. The integrated armrest provides comfortable support when sitting, standing or leaning. Adjustable backrest, seat sliding, back support tilting, as well as the circular steel footrest, all contribute to creating a flexible and adaptable seating experience. A design that is often appreciated in environments where people need to sit for extended periods or need to shift between different sitting positions.

Comfort For All

The adaptable adjustment feature facilitates effortless transitions between various sitting postures, enabling you to alternate between sitting, standing, or leaning for brief periods of relaxation. Substituting the conventional sedentary office routine with moderate physical activity emerges as the most effective approach to alleviate workplace fatigue. This change not only enhances interpersonal communication but also fosters creative cooperation, ultimately enhancing employee performance.

  • 2° Seat forward leaning angle
  • 60mm Seat sliding
  • 60mm Backrest height adjustment
  • 8° back tilt

Agile In Design & Function

The Tulip Stool is a multi-disciplinary seating solution, manufactured for Soundbox Store specifically for numerous use case scenarios. The Stool can be used in several booths but shines when paired with the Quell Flex range, which comes with an electrically adjustable desk. At its highest point, the Tulip can be used as a stool; at the desk's lowest point, the Tulip can act as an elevated, supported office chair.

Balance & Relaxation

A lightweight ergonomic office seating solution designed for both conventional seated positions and elevated seating, encouraging an open angle between the upper body and legs. This innovative design promotes improved blood circulation and supports the natural S-curve of the spine.

Extensive scientific research consistently highlights the benefits of maintaining an open angle between the legs and the backrest. This configuration enhances overall blood flow throughout the body and alleviates pressure on the lower spine, addressing two of the most critical concerns associated with prolonged sitting.

The Finest Upholstery

The Tulip Chair proudly incorporates the Mozart series by Gabriel, a renowned global supplier of furniture fabrics. This exquisite material offers a striking visual spectrum, ranging from serene to refreshing to vibrant, with four distinctive colors to captivate your senses.

Mozart fabric boasts exceptional qualities, including excellent elasticity, outstanding durability, inherent fire resistance, and a commitment to environmental responsibility. Crafted from 100% renewable polyester, this fabric is devoid of heavy metals and fully complies with the rigorous standards set by the European Union, reflecting our dedication to quality and sustainability.