Copia di pannelli acustici ciottoli - bozza

Copia di pannelli acustici ciottoli - bozza

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Folio Geometric Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Unlock the ultimate acoustic performance with our Folio Booth range by integrating Soundbox Store's acoustic ceiling panels and acoustic baffles. This innovative addition offers a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality, making it a perfect choice for enhancing sound control in various spaces. Designed to add multiple layers of sound and reverberation control, these panels are an ideal solution for creating acoustically optimized environments.

Our professional sound-absorbing panels are crafted from recycled plastic PET Board, combined with acoustic controlling fabrics and foam. This eco-friendly construction ensures high-quality sound absorption while contributing to sustainability. Whether you are looking to enhance a modern office, conference room, or commercial space, our acoustic ceiling panels and acoustic baffles are designed to meet your needs.

Safety and compliance are paramount in our design. Our panels boast a Class O fire rating to BS476: Part 6, ensuring they meet stringent fire safety standards. Additionally, the fabric facing complies with Class 1 to BS476: Part 7. For those requiring even higher standards, Class O fabrics can be supplied on request, making our acoustic ceiling panels and acoustic baffles a reliable choice for any project.

Elevate your space with Soundbox Store's acoustic ceiling panels and acoustic baffles, and experience the perfect fusion of superior sound control and elegant design. Our panels not only enhance acoustic performance but also contribute to a visually appealing environment. Choose Soundbox Store for all your acoustic needs and create a space where form meets function seamlessly.

Beautiful Acoustics

Transform your office or commercial space into an acoustically controlled oasis with our innovative acoustic ceiling panels. These panels are meticulously designed to offer superior sound management, ensuring that your workspace remains free from disruptive echoes and reverberations. Ideal for modern office settings, these panels effectively balance bass, treble, and high-pitched tones, creating a seamless acoustic environment that enhances concentration and productivity.

Organic Form

Our acoustic ceiling panels stand out with their unique pebble-like shapes, offering a refreshing departure from conventional industrial aesthetics. Each panel is crafted to resemble large, smooth stones, adding a touch of nature-inspired elegance to your interior design. This organic look not only breaks the monotony of traditional office environments but also contributes to a more calming and visually pleasing workspace. The combination of acoustic baffles and ceiling panels creates an optimal sound absorption system, perfect for any setting


Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these panels are engineered for optimal acoustic performance. They excel in controlling sound reflections within a room, making conversations clearer and meetings more efficient. Whether you’re setting up a bustling open-plan office, a private meeting room, or a lively commercial space, our acoustic ceiling panels and acoustic baffles ensure that sound is managed effectively, enhancing the overall auditory experience for everyone. Mix with contrast Folio Wall or Pebble Ceiling panels for premium efficiency and design asthetics.


Installation is straightforward, and the benefits are immediate. By incorporating our acoustic ceiling panels and acoustic baffles into your design, you’ll achieve a perfect balance of style and function. These panels not only transform the look of your space but also improve its acoustic quality, making it more conducive to communication and collaboration. Embrace the fusion of form and function with our acoustic ceiling panels and acoustic baffles, and create an environment where design meets performance.

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Enhancing Acoustic Control in Working Environments

Creating spaces with optimal acoustic control can significantly impact motivation, well-being, mindfulness, productivity, and focus in the workplace.

According to David M. Sykes, PhD, in his 2004 study on “Productivity: How Acoustics Affect Workers’ Performance in Open Areas,” the benefits of acoustic control are clear:

Increase Work Motivation: Boost work motivation by more than 62%.

Enhance Focus: Improve the ability to focus on tasks by more than 44%.

Maximise Task Performance: Achieve up to 52% increase in activities that require full concentration.

Minimise Session Interference: Reduce session interference by more than 55%.

Reduce Pressure: Decrease pressure levels by 29%.

Reduce Errors: Decrease the error rate by 18%.

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