Team Confernce Calls / Group Meetings

Spacious, well ventilated booths with all the power points required.

Spacious, excellent ventilation, ISO accredited acoustic meeting booth. Purpose built, quality sofas and table + monitor stand.

Furniture or No Furniture its your choice! Multiple 220-240 UK and European power points as standard, USB & USB-C included.

 - With Furniture  - With Furniture

- With Furniture

Our latest product innovation: The all-in-one solution to combat noisy office environments - the acoustic phone booth paired with our cutting-edge electric adjustable desk.

 - No Furniture  - No Furniture

- No Furniture

No matter your office aesthetics, our Quell Flex Stand Up will blend in effortlessly, enhancing the overall appeal of your workspace. Quick privacy call - No Problem!

Thinking Outside The Box

Highest in acoustic technology, in comfort.

Large Acoustic Conference Booth

Soundbox Store, is your premier supplier for cutting-edge sound solutions and innovative acoustic meeting booths. We take pride in offering a comprehensive selection of top-quality soundproof meeting booths to businesses seeking quiet, productive, focused, agile work environments.

At Sound Box Store, we understand the importance of creating a peaceful, distraction-free workspace. Our acoustic six-person acoustic meeting booths provide an ideal solution for businesses aiming to optimise their office environment, group conference call and meetings.

These intelligently designed soundproof meeting booths offer a soundproof and private space for confidential calls, meetings, and focused work areas. With exceptional dampening of acoustics, integrated ventilation, and customisable options, our acoustic phone booths embody modern office design, ensuring a tranquil atmosphere amidst the busy workplace.

Quality and service are at the core of everything we offer at Soundbox Store. Our factory meticulously selects the best recyclable materials, ensuring they meet the highest performance and durability standards.

At Sound Box Store, we are dedicated to providing a seamless and informative shopping experience. Our knowledgeable team is always available to assist you in finding the perfect product that aligns with your specific requirements.

Whether you need guidance on selecting a suitable quiet workspace or a discussion on acoustic measurement in our booth, we're here to help you make informed decisions that enhance your stagging work environment and office productivity.