Unveiling the Power of ISO 23351-1:2020 Rated Phone Booths and Meeting Pods at SoundBox Store

At SoundBox Store, we understand the importance of a well-managed soundscape in today's office environments. Disruptive noise can significantly hinder productivity and employee satisfaction. Our selection of phone booths and meeting pods are designed to address this challenge, providing effective soundproofing solutions based on the ISO 23351-1:2020 standard.

Understanding ISO 23351-1:2020 for Office Pods and Booths

This international standard establishes a rating system for measuring the speech level reduction (DS,A) of phone booths, meeting pods, and similar furniture. The classifications range from Class A+ (highest sound isolation) to Class D, with Class C and D pods requiring additional considerations depending on the background noise level in your office.

Choosing Between Class A and Class B Pods

While both Class A and Class B pods offer significant sound reduction, there are key factors to consider when making your selection:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Class B pods are typically more affordable than Class A pods, making them a good choice for businesses seeking a balance between budget and performance.
  • Noise Levels and Privacy Needs:
    • Class A Pods (DS,A > 30 dB): Ideal for very quiet offices (below 35 dB) or situations requiring maximum speech privacy (e.g., confidential calls, important meetings). However, these pods can create an excessively quiet environment that might feel unnatural.
    • Class B Pods (DS,A 25-30 dB): Provide excellent soundproofing for most office settings (including open floor plans) while maintaining a comfortable level of background noise.

SoundBox Store: Class B Pods to Meet Your Needs

SoundBox Store offers a variety of Class B phone booths and meeting pods to suit your specific requirements. Our products are designed to deliver exceptional acoustic performance alongside other benefits:

  • High-Quality Materials: We use premium materials that ensure durability and effective sound absorption.
  • Modern Design: Our pods boast a sleek and stylish aesthetic that complements any office environment.
  • Easy Integration: Our booths and pods are designed for seamless integration into your existing workspace.
  • Improved Employee Productivity: By minimising noise distractions, our soundproofing solutions contribute to a more focused and productive work environment.

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