Six Habits of Productive People

Successful businesses are built on productive people.

The problem is that in the UK, we’ve got a bit of a problem with productivity. Since 2008, we’ve been lagging behind our competitors, with an average growth rate of just 0.27%. Compare that to 1% in the US and 0.7% in France and Germany; frankly, it’s a little embarrassing.

Productive people aren’t born; they’re made. They develop habits over time that allow them to cut out procrastination and dead time from their day, working smarter, not harder.

Let’s explore six habits of productive people that all of us can imitate.

1. Plan Your Day

We all have the same number of hours in the day, and the productivity ninja knows how to squeeze the most out of each of them.

Good habits to get into include:

  • Identify your most important task: Once you know what you need to focus on, make that the priority and plan the rest of your day around it.
  • Basic planning - Sit down the night before and make a plan for the day ahead.
  • Time blocking - Block out chunks of time on your calendar for completing particular tasks and stick to them.

A few minutes spent planning can have a huge impact on your day. You’ll reduce procrastination, and the most important tasks won’t get overlooked.

2. Do the Thing You Hate First

Everyone has a job they dread doing. Maybe it’s talking to a particular client, grinding your way through a mindless but essential task, or having a difficult conversation with an underperforming colleague. Whatever it may be, schedule it first and get it over and done with.

Psychology Today has a few helpful tips that can make dreaded tasks less overwhelming:

  • Focus on why the task matters
  • Think about how good you’ll feel once it’s done
  • See it as an opportunity rather than a burden

This is what productive people do. Rather than seeing difficult jobs as something to be put off as long as possible, they get them done and then enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that follows.

3. Minimise Distractions

One of the most productive habits any of us can get into is recognising there are times when we need to focus without distractions.

For most of us, multitasking is a myth. We usually produce our best work when we focus on a single task and keep distractions at bay. In a busy office environment, this can be a challenge, but here are a few good habits to get into:

  • Negotiate: Talk to your manager and negotiate a time when you will be uncontactable. At this time, you’ve got permission to put your mobile and desk phone on “do not disturb”, and you’re not expected to answer emails or instant messages.
  • Communicate: Tell your colleagues that you’re going into deep work mode for a time and appreciate them not disturbing you.
  • Retreat: Take yourself off to a soundproof booth to focus on your work away from distractions.

4. Learn to Say No

Even a productivity ninja has to know their limits.

In fact, it’s knowing your limits that can transform you into a more productive person. If you say yes to everything, you’ll spread yourself too thin. Ultimately, you won’t be able to complete anything to a high standard, and you’ll be left frustrated and unfulfilled.

However, this doesn’t mean saying no to everything. There’s a balance to be struck, so take time to listen carefully to what you’re being asked before you decide whether to commit or not.

5. Make Time for Exercise

It might sound counterproductive to take time out of your busy schedule to exercise, but it’s actually crucial to getting more done.

Regular exercise can make us:

  • More alert and energetic
  • Improves our physical health
  • Boosts mental health

When we are healthier and feel better about ourselves and others, this can translate into higher levels of productivity.

We’re not talking about a five-mile jog to work each morning. Just thirty minutes, three times a week, are all it takes to unlock some of these benefits.

6. Be a Team Player

All too often, we think of productive people as lone wolves. Outliers who are amazing at what they do but don’t need anyone or anything to help them. But in the modern workplace, truly productive people are those who know how to collaborate effectively.

According to Medium, some traits the best collaborators have include:

  • Generous: Instead of hoarding knowledge and skills, they share them generously. They also encourage and help their coworkers, helping bring out the best in them.
  • Curious: They are unafraid to ask questions that can help get work flowing.
  • No ego: They are truly interested in the success of the team, not gaining credit for themselves.
  • Great listeners: When other people speak, they truly listen, even asking more questions to gain insight into their point of view.
  • Disciplined: Their focus and drive help to keep the team moving forward.

Realistically, we’ve probably all got some work to do in one or more of these areas. You can support teams by giving them a quiet place to retreat to. Acoustic pods built for teams of up to six people are the perfect solution for collaboration.

Incorporate Habits of Productive People Into Your Workplace

Ultimately, business owners and leaders can only lead by example, modelling productive habits at work and hoping their teams follow their lead. However, you can make it easier for your employees to take on some habits of productive people by giving them the right tools.

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